1. praise, glorify, or honor: [syn: laud, extol, glorify, proclaim]
  2. fill with sublime emotion;[syn: exhilarate, thrill]
  3. heighten or intensify; [syn: inspire, animate, invigorate, enliven]
  4. raise in rank, character, or status.

Such a lovely word, I do like it as a domain name, pity it's largely used in a religious context, fictions with which I have no truck, but I'm all for being “filled with sublime emotion”.

This page might look into some issues no import, from as many angles as possible. I'm thinking that it might be a site for musing, pondering and rumination. It might discuss such matters of moment as the difference between sauntering, ambling & strolling, but then again... it might not.

I've only just started this site so it might well change into something else, it's really just playtime, only without the milk. And that maybe gives away my age, I bet you don't get milk at playtime any longer. Indeed it wouldn't surprise me if you get nothing at all, you have to bring your own alco-pops along with the rest of your lunch.

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