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These pages are to record 'events' that is to say things that I bother taking photos of or assembling photos of. There's perhaps a better word than 'events' but I couldn't think of one.

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Juniper and environs (10th July, 2007)

Haltwhistle - Rowland, a walk (29th August, 2007)

Although I thought I knew the area quite well I'd never been in this neck of the woods at all. Pippa and I chose one of the first sunny days of what had been an awful August to do a great circular walk: about 9.5km with only about 300m of ascent. Oh, and a pub right near the end for food and a pint.

Two days, one night, in Little Langdale (2nd September, 2007)

Pippa and I went to the Lakes staying one night and two days. It was glorious weather and it was a part of the Lakes we didn't know: Little Langdale.

Devil's Water (9th September, 2007)

We were looking for a particular spot that Pips remembered, remembered, everything that is, except where the place was. So, this was part of the search. Devil's Water just south of Hexham.

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