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These pages are to record 'events' that is to say things that I bother taking photos of or assembling photos of. There's perhaps a better word than 'events' but I couldn't think of one.

Click on any of the photos to go into that event and see the individual photos that comprise it.

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Allen Banks (16th September, 2007)

Dipton Mill (30th September, 2007)

It was a nice little stroll to go back to see Letah Wood near Hexham. A beautiful place that's like a cathedral.

Countess Wood (14th October, 2007)

Pip's Birthday Outing (4th May, 2008)

As a treat Pips decided she wanted to go to our favourite village tea-shop, have lunch, then take Dexter, the nicest West Highland White you're ever likely to meet, out for a walk.

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