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These pages are to record 'events' that is to say things that I bother taking photos of or assembling photos of. There's perhaps a better word than 'events' but I couldn't think of one.

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Laidback Rob (7th May, 2008)

I went up to Edinburgh to see David from Laidback Ligfiets and try some of his recumbents - it was a glorious day, perfect for a trip to the coast.

walkies (11th May, 2008)

It was a foggy Sunday in Monkseaton and so we went out west to Simonburn again - our favourite tea shop for a roast beef Sunday lunch, and a walk with Dexter.

Simonburn - walkies (28th July, 2008)

We are planning to ride our bikes out to Simonburn but couldn't really wait and decided to drive out - and perhaps recce the route on the way.

Two day cycle trip to Simonburn (30th July, 2008)

This was a two day trip, firstly to Stamfordham for an overnight in Church House, a beautiful B&B, and then on to Simonburn, just south of Wark in Northumberland. We largely followed the Reivers' Route except for the start where we took a even more traffic-free route to Camperdown via a bridleway from Holystone.

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