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These pages are to record 'events' that is to say things that I bother taking photos of or assembling photos of. There's perhaps a better word than 'events' but I couldn't think of one.

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Cresswell To Warkworth (and back) (10th August, 2008)

Norfolk, a short break (23rd August, 2008)

Fed up with the dreadful August weather we decided to take a short break to Norfolk which had a better forecast than the North East. It also had the advantage that that it was an area of the country neither Pippa nor I knew, oh, and it's reasonably flat. Perfect for cycling.

In fact it was near perfect all round: big skies, quiet country lanes with little or no traffic, fantastic buildings, good food and very nice people. We'll be going again.

Beaune to Barcelona by bike (5th July, 2009)

Since I was enjoying the recumbent so much I decided that cycling to Spain would be a good idea. I didn't have time to cycle all the way from England and so started at Beaune, just south of Dijon, in France. For two reasons: It was just over 1000km so I could do it in two weeks, and European Bike Express could take me and the bike there.

France - Bikes & Pippa (19th August, 2009)

Having had such a good time cycling in France, and since Pips had long had a yen for driving to France, we combined the two and took the bikes with the car and went cycling and camping and exploring and eating and strolling and eating - oh, did I mention eating?

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