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st mary's lighthouse - beehive

At the beginning of October an old and dear friend, Pippa Sterne, came to visit and stay. These photos are some she took one sunny morning on a walk via St Mary's Lighthouse and then to the Beehive for lunch.

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date of event:1st October 2005


It was the most lovely day, Whitley Bay behind me and the blue mirror sea beyond. Pippa, Pippa (so good they named them twice) and me out for a stroll.



Even with my new short hair-cut I'm not sure I can get away with this gritty smile into the sun type thing, especially with the hand on the hip. Pippa looks great though.



There's something big between us.


Stop following me!

I'm just laughing, trying to look relaxed and unconcerned as this italian model keeps following me. Must turn down the charisma a notch.


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