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Laidback Rob

I went up to Edinburgh to see David from Laidback Ligfiets and try some of his recumbents - it was a glorious day, perfect for a trip to the coast.

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date of event:7th May 2008

Canal Side

The trip started at Argyle Place, The Bicycle Works, where David keeps a couple of bikes, and from there we went to the coast. This part was along a canal towpath, nice and flat and very few people, perfect for happy cruising - laidback stylee.


Almost the coast

So many pretty spots, pity I was too busy riding and enjoying myself to take photos. This is a short stop to appreciate the view and take the opportunity to take a photo of the bikes: a Nazca Fuego and a Challenge Mistral Deluxe.


Easing down

Just cruising down to the sea, the bigger picture, if you click on this thumbnail, shows the estuary and the sea-side path that we cycled along to our first real stop of the morning and a coffee.


Ferryman, ferryman

This was were we stopped for coffee opposite the ferryman's cottage.


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