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It was a foggy Sunday in Monkseaton and so we went out west to Simonburn again - our favourite tea shop for a roast beef Sunday lunch, and a walk with Dexter.

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date of event:11th May 2008


While we're waiting for lunch Pips has a chance to play with Dexter in the garden. It's a lovely garden, a bit like ours, except they have white doves and two ducks at the bottom of their garden.


Pips strides out

I'm too full of roast beef and I can't keep up. Dexter is finding it all a bit too hot, he's not been clipped yet and the weather inland is very hot.

Pippa Macleod

And without notice would flip out his back legs and lie flat-out -good job we packed the water bowl!


Clean at least

I'd not got the camera out for the last hour, a real shame because I missed the photographic highlight of the walk. Pips and I had been chatting about something and not really noticed that Dexter was rolling about on the floor. Rolling about, unfortunately, in sheep shit.

Last time we'd taken Dexter for a walk we were worried because it had been so wet and so we'd gone out with a white dog and went back with a two-tone one, white on the top and muddy on the bottom. Since today was so dry and sunny we thought at least he'd stay clean. Ah. Fat chance. At least the last time he was only dirty, this time he was dirty and stank.

So, we have to clean the dog. Luckily we come across a small stream and apparently I've drawn the short straw and need to wash him. Water, it seems, activates sheep shit and what was a bad smell before is now rank. Not only that, but, although most of the solid deposits wash away, eventually, he is left pea green all down one side. Pippa's worried she'll never be allowed out with him again.


Rest break

Pips and Dex take a short break to wait for me since I'm in stroll mode, or perhaps amble, or even saunter.


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