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Simonburn - walkies

We are planning to ride our bikes out to Simonburn but couldn't really wait and decided to drive out - and perhaps recce the route on the way.

date of event:28th July 2008

A master of control

Pips, after assiduously watching The Dog Whisperer for months, keeps a relaxed lead, walks confidently, and Dexter strides out. I'm not sure which of them is the happier.


mmm, what's that smell?

Dexter hasn't been watching the Dog Whisperer and gets distracted by some captivating aroma emanating from the verge. We don't care, it's just nice to be out.


hot, hot, hot

Pips has been setting such a cracking pace that I have to take off my T-Shirt, I get control of Dex and so slow the pace down.

This is a photo of two pairs of swinging hips.


Tall Grass

Dexter had manfully managed to climb all the way up the previous hill, in spite of the long vegetation. This hill however, just proved too much for him.

It wasn't just the long grass, that meant he had to progress up the hill by a series of obviously tiring small jumps, but that, in addition, the ripe seed heads of the grass made him cough, sneeze and splutter. So I carried him up the final 300 yds.

Tiring. But he's such a furry, fluffy little mite, and he smells so nice, that I must say it was no hardship.