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Two day cycle trip to Simonburn

This was a two day trip, firstly to Stamfordham for an overnight in Church House, a beautiful B&B, and then on to Simonburn, just south of Wark in Northumberland. We largely followed the Reivers' Route except for the start where we took a even more traffic-free route to Camperdown via a bridleway from Holystone.

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date of event:30th July 2008

The route

This is a big overview of the route we took, the route is the horizontal line in red. Except for the very beginning, and the end at Bingfield where we turned off for Chollerford, we followed the Reivers' Cycle Route.


Ready to start

All togged up and ready to roll. The weather's lovely and we're looking forward to the trip. Pips is on her hybrid and I'm on the borrowed recumbent.


High Weetslade

It's a pity I didn't get to take more photos of the trip but we were so busy riding and enjoying ourselves that I didn't fancy stopping and it was impossible to take photos on the move. This is the cycleway/bridleway that runs through to Wide Open, at least I think it is.


ditto cycleway

there she goes and here she comes.


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