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France - Bikes & Pippa

Having had such a good time cycling in France, and since Pips had long had a yen for driving to France, we combined the two and took the bikes with the car and went cycling and camping and exploring and eating and strolling and eating - oh, did I mention eating?

date of event:19th August 2009

White Cliffs of Dover

So, easy peasy, bought the ferry ticket with SeaFrance on t'internet and here we were, with time enough to spare to stick on the headlight converters and slouch around feeling excited.


Oh, so casual

with the white cliffs in the background and a beautiful, calm sea.


Isn't she lovely?

Three photos in one here, mouseover to see a second one and click to see a third.


Chambre d'Hote

We'd driven down to Abbeville, thinking how pretty the countryside was all the way down. Abbeville though was a bit too big and I was feeling nervous about leaving the car with the bikes on the roof and so we drove out to St Riquer to find someone smaller. St Riquer was chosen at random really and once there we saw signs for a chambre d'hote and decided to see what it was like.

It turned out to be lovely as the three picture here suggest (rollover and click for the other two). We popped into the village to have dinner and that was pretty good too.

We got right into the mood and had kir and Ricard for an aperitif - Pips said hello to the dogs and we plunged into conversation in spite of the lamentable standard of our French.