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Auxerre to Agen

Another recumbent bike epic across France.  There seems to be a theme developing, accidentally, but based on European Bike Express' collection points; the last one was B to B (Beaune to Barcelona), this one is A to A.

Having gone down the east of France and over the Massif Central last year this year I thought I'd explore the westerly area a little more.  So, this trip went from Auxerre, followed the Canal du Nivernais to Decize, went west towards Chateauroux and Le Blanc then Poiter, followed La Vienne river skirting Angouleme, Limoge and Perigeux to get to La Reole, finally following the Canal Entre Deux Mers to Toulouse and a bit beyond before returning to Agen for the coach journey home.

About 1,500km in all.

D Roads

Then it was back to the quietest D roads and great tarmac once more.  Rolling hills but nothing at all severe.  And it was getting warmer, so I'd also stopped here, at 8.20am to put on some suncream too.



An amazing collection of roof styles.  Rollover with the mouse and you'll the car they had in the garage. 



I'd taken a little lane off the quiet D road to find a spot for my third breakfast and stumbled upon this.


A Vendre

For sale for goodness sake, with a walled garden too, didn't ring the agent though.