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A dog's life: Kelso

We were asked to go dog sitting for some close family friends in Kelso, something Pippa was more than enthusiastic about. I was not. As it turned out though even I warmed to them. It was an unseasonably warm few days spent almost exclusively in shorts.

date of event:13th April 2007


These are the two dogs, Lucy and Megan. Lucy is Megan's mother. Lucy is relatively relaxed and Megan, though this photo doesn't suggest it, is usually madly active. She can spend, quite literally, 3 hours chasing bird shadows.

They're the friendliest dogs, pop anywhere out of sight for 5 minutes and they're wildly pleased to see you on your return. This, I must admit, I found mildly irritating at first, since their pleasure is most frequently manifested by copious drooling over your trousers. Hey, it's a dog thing! But I either got used to it or better at dodging because soon I was pleased to see them too.


The active one

Of course during her active phases I didn't have the camera to hand.


Sunny Delight

This was the Saturday I think. It was scorchingly hot and we decided to take a walk along the river Teviot. It was fantastic, the fresh smell of spring, blue skies and flowers everywhere.

We really didn't take enough photos, so there are no photos of the ruined castle (development opportunity - "this is where we're going to have the guesthouse for the archers"), of the dog show where we saw Pippa's favourite breed, the Basset Vendeen, or the sausages on the barbecue with Simon and Louise.

Pippa Macleod

Favourite breed other than the English Setter, of course!



Pippa did find time to take this one however. Not sure it was worth it myself; I look a bit paunchy, don't you think? And I hadn't even eaten the sausages at this point!