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A Stroll by the North Tyne

A lovely sunny May day was the setting for a stroll by the North Tyne to get a pub lunch and then stroll back. Didn't go quite according to plan of course. I think the pub being shut at lunch time had a lot to do with it.

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date of event:2nd May 2007

The route

We started at Burnmouth cottages, followed the river upstream then cut up towards Birtley via Chipchase. There's a pub in Birtley which would be great place for lunch if only it was open at lunch times.

Actually I've since found out that the pub isn't even in Birtley it's on the main road that goes north, north of Birtley. It's only open on Sundays in fact - and does one of the best all-you-can-eat Sunday lunches you'll find in these parts.


River runs

This was a long stone jetty built from huge stones, this is me enjoying the river.


Chipchase Strothers

This was just after Chipchase Strothers, which is a nice little cottage. As we walked towards it a golden retriever barked and dashed off towards the cottage only to return, a few moments later, with reinforcements. Half a dozen other dogs all barking somewhat savagely. I was worried. Pippa, who likes dogs, was worried. Their owner came rushing out of the house shouting at them but they paid no attention at all. Eventually when the owner come up to us they came to heel but it was not a happy time. Must buy some pepper spray.



Having braved the dogs Pips thinks nothing of balancing on a log ;-)


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