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North west of Hexham just off the B6320 before Wark, we found a nice little village called Simonburn. A very pretty little village that was the start for a small circular walk and the end point for tea in an idyllic little tea-shop.

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date of event:10th June 2007

The Track

The blue line is where we walked, not very far, a little over 5km but it was very nice. Superb views from the high ground, a positive pastoral idyll.


Towards Fenwickfield

We turned left, east south east, along a wooded path rising up away from the burn towards a farm, a very isolated farm, called Fenwickfield.


Into the dark

I'd forgotten to take photos from Fenwickfield down to here. A pity 'cause it was a lovely walk down the shallow valley side through tall grass.

Pips was a bit worried because there was a beware of the bull sign on the gate into the field that rose up the other side of the valley. We did see it though.

This was just before entering a conifer wood, Pips is gazing into the canopy to see if she can identify the bird that is chirping - she decides its a finch of some sort.



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