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Haltwhistle - Rowland, a walk

Although I thought I knew the area quite well I'd never been in this neck of the woods at all. Pippa and I chose one of the first sunny days of what had been an awful August to do a great circular walk: about 9.5km with only about 300m of ascent. Oh, and a pub right near the end for food and a pint.

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date of event:29th August 2007

The route

We started by walking by the river and then doing a large circle and finishing by going up the South Tyne Path which followed disused railway. At Rowfoot there was a smashing pub, the Wallace Arms, where we had lunch outside on a sunny table.


Rob, on the bridge

Look at those legs, I was determined to get them out given the glimpses of sun. The forecast said it should be sunny and at the start of the day it was intermittently so, later though it would do us proud and be almost a scorcher.


Pips gazes at the water

We needed, or so I thought looking at the map, to walk beneath this bridge to go west. Pips takes her time before starting to gaze at the water.



For some reason at the start of the walk Pips was feeling decidedly shakey, it took some time for her to negotiate what she saw as a precipitous descent. I must say she got better, thank goodness, as we went on.


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