Dexter as a pup

Introducing Dexter

Who is he

His full title is, in fact, Dexter, Laird of Simonburn, and, as you can see, he's a particularly handsome West Highland Terrier - certainly the nicest I've ever encountered. The Simonburn of his name is the village where he grew up and still lives with his owner, Ann, at the lovely Village Shop, Post Office, Tearooms and B & B. The Laird has an impressive lineage of four generations of champions. Notable figures include:

What does he do

Dexter loves his walks - just get the lead out and see! Or actually just making for your jacket will set him off. His level of excitement makes getting the lead on a real challenge. His appetite for 'being out' is bigger than his physical capacity, it has to be said - though clearly out of puff, he wants to stay out, and if he's returned home for a rest, within minutes he's just as excited at the prospect of another walk. While on holiday in Monkseaton, the Park was a particular favourite with all of its smells and potential to meet other dogs.

At home in the shop his job involves running to greet any visitors, listening in on conversations and warning Ann of people arriving when the shop is shut. Many visitors remark on his friendliness and cheeky ways.

What makes him so unique

Dexter playing

His character and temperament

Dexter is a sociable, happy-go-lucky dog. We think this is largely a result of his growing up in a busy tearoom where he became socialised from a puppy meeting a variety of different people and noises every day. It also must be a reflection of how he has been treated, of course, and the amount of love and attention he receives. He is ruined!

His looks

  • His cheeky face
  • Soft double 'Teddy' coat
  • Perfect proportions!

His way of life

Not many dogs get the chance to grow up in an interesting, busy environment whilst still having the space, wildlife, sights and, above all, smells of the countryside. A collar is only needed when a lead is attached for longer walks. There isn't the same worry over traffic and, horror of all horrors, theft. He can run out into the garden at any time or just sit on the shop step watching the birds while waiting for the next visitor to arrive. Dexter gets to enjoy relative freedom and company all day and all year round.