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Mungrisedale (September, 2003)
I think this was the first walk where we had any photos - perhaps sometime in 2003 I can't really remember now. It was a lovely day that I do remember and, as the photos attest, Larry, Ed and me did the walk.

Grisedale Tarn (October, 2003)
Have a look at these pictures of a walk to Grisedale Tarn. It was the most delightful day, around the end of October 2003, one of those perfect autumn mornings, with the landscape bathed in a golden light.

Newland's Valley to Hindsgarth (November, 2003)
Here are some pictures of a walk in the Newlands valley to Hindsgarth, round to Robinson and back, Larry and I did this in the middle of November 2003. It should have rained, it was pouring as we drove past Blencathra, our first choice of walk, instead we decided to push on to the Newlands valley. And it didn't rain a drop all day, it was a bit breezy on the tops but otherwise mild and a great walk.

Skiddaw (December, 2003)
Skiddaw, Larry and I walked here the first week in December 2003, though you wouldn't have known it was December, it was a lovely day, mild and sunny.

I'd never really fancied Skiddaw, it always seemed to look grey and forbidding, like it had its own microclimate of bad weather. Even the name sounds to me like the noise a crow makes. In fact it was delightful.