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senterio attrezzato gerado sega (June, 2005)
Hot and hotter, a sweaty slipstream of a climb/walk - dead easy, but tiring due to the heat....another rationalisation of my hard-disc space...

North Sea Race 2005 (July, 2005)
Some sort of record of the 2005 North Sea Race from Scarborough to Imuiden that Ed and I did.

Because we were only 2 up and racing, opportunities for photos were a little limited!

high cup nick (September, 2005)
A lovely wander from Cow Green Reservoir on out first weekend back from cycling in Newfoundland. Perfect walking conditions.

Borrowdale Crags (September, 2005)
An 'ease ourselves into the new walkiing season' amble around some of the 'crags South-east of Stonethwaite.