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newlands hause to cat bells (November, 2005)
A cold but exceptionally clear day gives us gobsmackingly good views of most of the lake District.

Grasmere Silver How (November, 2005)
A lovely outing around Silver How from Grasmere. The day before Pippa and I had been up Helm Crag in the most fabulous sunshine with superb views. I left the camera in the car. This walk was largely in cloud. Funny that.

Grisedale Pike (November, 2005)
The forecast was wrong - alas, Larry was right. First snow of the season and a good lesson in taking our time to work out where we were :-(

Lingmell (December, 2005)
A direct thrust to gain Lingmell; although the finesse of Larry's planning was hidden in the depths of Piers Gill in actuality.