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Vie Ferrate - Brenta Dolomites (June, 2006)
An amazing trip through some wild mountain scenery in near perfect weather conditions. Distinct lack of Gelati though. Ah well.

Described here as a semi-series, although the climbing paths are far more sub-divided than that (the Bocchette Alte is about 9 routes for example), and the climbing took place over four-to-five day's.

St Sunday's Crag (September, 2006)
A trip up St Sunday's Crag - Ed and Larry go up Pinnacle Ridge while I take the easy way.

Great End (September, 2006)
A walk with Nigel, Larry and me up from Seathwaite up Grain's Gill then around the back via Lambsfoot Dub and back via Styhead tarn and Styhead Gill. I can't remember though if we went up or down the band. Larry, have you got a track for this walk?

High Force and the Green Trod (September, 2006)
A shortened version of the intended walk. My ancle started to play up quite early on so we retired to Chez Moi and had a beer and an inspection of the garden!