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Grisedale Pike (January, 2004)
Our second winter walk. The first done a couple of weeks ago in the middle of January was up Blencathra, in a complete white out on the summit, and with exhausted batteries in the camera - so no photos. This walk, at the end of January 2004, was from Braithwaite up the ridge to Grisedale Pike, on to Hopegill Head, then heading south-westerly down to the hause beneath Eel Crag and finally, because I was tired and we were running out of time, down Coledale Beck and home. Clicking on any of the photos will load a full size version of the same image. Be warned some of those images are quite large, perhaps a couple of megabytes or more for the panoramas.

Steel How & Helm Crag (February, 2004)
Summer came early one day in late February 2004, and made our climb up to Steel How to Calf Crags and down Helm Crag a positively sunny experience.
It was the most gorgeous day in late February, crystal clear, blue skies, almost too hot, but not really. We walked up from Grisedale up what looks, and looked, like a gentle ascent up Cotra Breast up to Dead Pike and Steel Fell. Maybe I'm just not fit enough because it was hard work. But, jeez, the views made it worthwhile.

Barrow & Outerside (October, 2004)
Outerside and up, great views of Grisedale Pike and, hold on, isn't that Causey Pike?

Gunnerside (October, 2004)
On the way to the Lakes we decided to walk in the Yorkshire Dales, near Gunnerside.