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misty memories (November, 2006)
The train was late; so we were late.

Happily Larry not 'too' impatient as he was still with his primaloft duvet obsession...the wheel turns..

An interesting day out; the latter half punctuated by oblique (and not so) allusions as to my ability to find the way...

I remained calm in the face of such 'well meant' diatribes...

Bowscale (December, 2006)
This was the first walk for a couple of weeks and we weren't sure that it was going to be good weather and the wet excusion to the Pennines had put me off at least. But it was great to get back to the Lakes, and this was an area I'd not walked in for a long while.

topping (December, 2006)
In rather bracing winds the newly gaited Larry and freshly shod Edward head out to take the airs (plenty of those about).

The figures are completely made up distance wise as we were geeper-less.

the shortest day (big stanger) (December, 2006)
Actually this was only the name of the first Gill at the start of the route...but I like it.....

On a fantastically sunny day we set off with overambitious plans, yet nonetheless have a very fine round of sundry Borrowdale hills