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rough crag, long side, kidsty pike round (January, 2007)
The forecast had been for breezes so my sailor friend decreed that East is best. Who am I to argue? As it turned out a fine day was had, with only the odd touch of 40 mph winds that meant you had to sit down or take flight....

not the xapat ridge (January, 2007)
The finest sub-Alpine ridge in Mallorca; a scramble-fest of adrenaline, exhilaration and fun...well for the hour we were on it anyway. I blame my back - the boy's no doubt blame me ;-)

A stroll in the sun (January, 2007)
After leaving Xapat for another day, we had a saunter down the Boquer Valley in the sunshine.

Cuber and Peaks (January, 2007)
Starting at the end of the Cuber reservoir we climbed sa Rateta, na Franquesa and Puig de l'Ofre, returning along the north-western side of Cuber, a reservoir on Mallorca.
Nice smooth grippy rock with varied terrain in bright warm sunshine. Perfect.