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jopplety how (perhaps) (February, 2007)
On a drear day that I found rather ennervating for some reason, we head for the wettest part of the Lake District; makes sense dunnit?

the langstrath (February, 2007)
A dreadful forecast did not weaken our resolve; neither did Gwyn telling me over the phone that it was going to 'bucket down'. We strode on nonetheless - it was a bit windy though...and a tad damp later in the day...

high style ridge (March, 2007)
A day with promise alleges the weather forecast...right on. Swirling (we wish) upwards through mists to Red Pike summit, we break into sunshine that burns the waves of cloud off the ridge as we head towards Scarth Gap.

scafell pike via great end (March, 2007)
A fabulous day with stunning visibility; but not as much snow as forecast (or hoped for).