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glaramara (March, 2007)
Finally I get to go up Glaramara despite a number of false starts; and a perfect day to choose, sunny and warm with great views and surprisingly few people.

Liz thinks that coming down Hind Gill might not be advisable again....I am inclined to agree :-)

Ard Crags (April, 2007)
It was about 17°C on the way over, very warm for April in the Lakes. Since it was the day before a bank holiday we decided on something we hoped would be quiet, which it turned out to be. A sunny delight, so much so we got our shorts on.

yosemite valley (April, 2007)
A retrospective look at a walk done in sunny California - a perfect day; early crowd-beating start, fine sunny weather, staggeringly beautiful scenery. I think a lot more time needs to be spent here in the future.

arran (May, 2007)
A backpacking trip to this majestic isle; cut a little short by some bad weather blowing in (and the author being a wimp), yet featuring a fantastic first day, and a pretty good second one.