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Deepdale in the rain (May, 2007)
Richard, Ed's brother, had come to stay so Ed thought he might appreciate a walk in the Lakes. In the pouring, unremitting rain. It's a wonderful thing brotherly love.

arran again (May, 2007)
A return to the sceptered isle - yet this time with my brother Richard; a little bit of training for things to come...

more arran (May, 2007)
Another attempt at getting into the hills - this time in some much better weather. The first day we are up from the brewery onto Goatfell, along the Stacach Ridge, down to the saddle, up Cir Mhor, then down into the Fionn Corrie to camp. Day two sees us tracking underneath A' Chir to finish along the Beinn a Chliabhain ridge down to Glen Rosa.

the tarmachan ridge (May, 2007)
Apparently a fine ridge leading off from a nice Munro. Apparently. The driving late May snow was refreshing, the views not expansive, the cheese sandwiches thick (as was the company); a fine day out, better than shopping...