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bowfell burning (June, 2007)
A long-considered plot to allow Larry to see the top of Bowfell; a success in that respect, alas the unexpected 24 degree temperatures somewhat changed the face of the day - resulting in a knackered huddle of boiled walkers returning to the solace of the Old Dungeon Ghyll.

GR20 Stage 1: Conca to Refuge d'l Paliri (June, 2007)
For some unfathomable reason Rich and I set out to walk the GR20 on Corsica from South to North. The next two weeks (and sundry ensuing pages) will reveal the privations this entails...

GR20 Stage 2: Refuge d'l Paliri to Refuge d'Asinau - Alpine variant (June, 2007)
A fine day with an early start to get over the Crete de Punta Tafunata to descend to Bavella, then climb again over the Aiguilles de Bavella before dropping into a river valley leading to the refuge.

GR20 Stage 3: Refuge d'Asinau to Refuge d'Usciolu (June, 2007)
Quite simply the hardest day out I have ever had on the hills.