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GR20 Stage 4: Refuge d'Usciolu to Bocca di Verdi (June, 2007)
Tee hee hee we are heading towards a real restaurant, where there is food, and beer, and civilisation in the form of a road....we can escape if we like :-)

We speed up...

GR20 Stage 5: Bocca di Verde to Hotel Monte d'Oro (June, 2007)
A double stage today - I had planned an alternate over the mountains - but to be honest we did not feel up to it, and common sense prevailed - rare with this duo.

GR20 Stage 6: Hotel Monte d'Oro to Refuge de l'Onda (June, 2007)
We had thought of going over the high-level alternative, but the guy in the Hotel said that the gully was still full of snow; not so as our two friends from Grenoble reported after they had done it and as we met them at the bocca. Ah well, it would no doubt have been too much for us anyway...

Gr20 Stage 7: Refuge de l'Onda to Refuge de Petra Piana (June, 2007)
A very short trip to the next refuge; a greeting by a slightly bi-polar gardien and our first sampling of the fine marque of Corsican refuge wine.