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GR20 Stage 8: Refuge de Petra Piana to Refuge de (non-functioning toilets) Manganu (June, 2007)
Despite the toilets (lack of - you would be truly horrified where people choose to shit in such circumstances) at the arrival this was one of the best etapes of the whole walk for me - gob-smackingly fantastic scenery, a super-early start, and a refuge that must be amongst the top three no star places to rest one's weary head ;-)

Howtown to Patterdale (June, 2007)
Neither Larry nor I were feeling so fit and lively and so we decided to catch the ferry to Howtown and see how we felt about returning via the lakeside or coming over Place Fell. It was a drizzly start on the boat but turn out to be quite sunny and very pleasant.

GR20 Stage 9: Refuse de Manganu to Hotel Castel di Vergio (June, 2007)
Mmmm hmm - a very quick trot of 4 hours to a hotel...and FOOD. We also did some washing; but more eating really..twice.....the washing was in fact one of the highlights of the whole trip ;-)

Many of our compatriots gave us strange looks and asked 'why are you stopping so early?'. It would have been nice to say we had anticipated the subsequent three hours of rain and that it looked like a good place to stop, yet....

GR20 Stage 10: Hotel Castel di Vergio to Bergeries U Vallone (June, 2007)
A great walk today; fantastic changing scenery through varied terrain with noticeable changes in the geology of the landscape. All this complemented by a moody atmosphere that produced some fine light and colours - a welcome break from the relentless sunshine.