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Yewbarrow and Steeple...the (I did not realise) Wilkinson 4 Wainwright tick list (July, 2007)
A couple of days in Wasdale? Groovy.

Ah but the me slow as it has taken three years for me to realise that 'perhaps' some of my good friend's walk suggestions have a hidden agenda... lists, ticking, competition; those sorts of boyish things :-)

Yewbarrow. Dore Head. Red Pike (W). Steeple. Illgill Head. Whin Rigg. To save him the trouble of listing them....

wastwater screes (July, 2007)
A gentle(ish) wander up a couple more ticks for the Lazza - followed by some boulder hopping along the shore of Wastwater.

Hope you like the sheep's skull...

Parzán to Vielha - Pyrenees (July, 2007)
A week's adventure in the Pyrenees and five days splendid meandering along another bit of the GR11 - the bit I'd missed out between Pineta and Aigues Tortes in Cataluña

Cockups and Sca's (August, 2007)
A beautiful sunny day and a desire to avoid the August crowds took us to back o' Skiddaw and the delights of Great Cockup, Meal Fell, Little Sca and Great Sca Fell and Knott. Wide open spaces and big skies.