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100% of the helvellyn ridge, 10% of the weather forecast (September, 2007)
To explain the title....MWIS positively glowed with predictions for the weekend, 90% cloud free summits....if only.

I have now done the Helvellyn ridge; not that I would really know that, although my legs are a bit tired.

tower ridge (October, 2007)

addacomb hole (October, 2007)
We had often wondered what was in the big hole beneath Sail; now we know, not much really, the remnants of an old sheep pen, or perhaps a dam? A nice new series of spaces to explore though.

mellbreak (October, 2007)
Larry's idea; says it all really. A crudely planned and poorly researched squelch around minor (but rather attractive it must be said) Wainwright ticks.