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great calva (November, 2007)
Not easy to make your mind up....unless you have an agenda; but that is good when it pops you onto fells you would not normally consider - in this case 'the back of Skidda'

fleetwith pike and haystacks (November, 2007)
Larry's idea of an 'easing you back into walking' stroll comprises a direct frontal assault on Fleetwith Pike. Good grief.

A pleasant ascent with a warm sun breaking out about half-way up the ridge and remaining with us for much of the day.

cautley spout; the howgills (November, 2007)
New ground had to be trod; the Lakes are so last year.

Getting to the Howgills is amazingly quick. The hills are rounded and Dalesque - but bigger (?) somehow; a few possibilities present themselves here :-)

Wild Boar Fell (December, 2007)
Fresh air. That is what we got on this little treadette; lot's of it. Off to the Howgills again (although maybe it is the Dales) to walk along a spongy ridge at 45 degrees :-)