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greenside and raise (January, 2008)
A superb day out that packed a lot in; I certainly felt it anyway.

Black then sunny, cold then colder, blowy then windy, frozzed then frozzder. Great snow conditions on the tops, but quite serious, not a place to take too many risks.

Larry exhibited a careless disregard for his property :-)

mallorca - a ridgeline variant on the GR221 pedra en sec (January, 2008)
Larry and I head off to the sunny isle of Mallorca for a little backpacking along the spine (more or less) of the Tramuntana range of mountains in the North-West.

the ice-men cometh (February, 2008)
It seems a stroll up from Hartsop is in order - once we have got past the Patterdale road re-surfacing all goes well...the A666 coming across was fine too....but trapped 200 people in their cars about 14:00 that afternooon....ulp :-(

A good day out in some rather windy and snowy conditions.

the border ridge - northumberland (February, 2008)
The high moorlands of the borders have their own beauty - one of russet colour, openess, and solitude; not my preferred choice (not enough rock), but a two-day window with clear and bright weather forecast seemed like as good a time as any to walk the line between England and Scotland.