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the ridge, tenerife (December, 2004)
We had wanted to climb Teide from the cable car...but you needed a permit from miles away and it wa shut anyway. Too much ice; that was the whole point.

So we drifted off into the rains and found this fine ridge (it was in a guide) instead....the best walk of the trip....

Puig Tomir, Mallorca (January, 2005)
Taking a few days before the start of the new term our intrepid boyz zip to Mallorca. What fun.....suckling pig and alioliali..(garlic thing) the night before and some fine aperitifs....and now....three days to walk up big hills in the sun...

How we laughed :-) needless to say we felt for Larry locked into the grey fastness that is an English January... ;-)

the Prats walk to Lluc, Mallorca (January, 2005)
A kind of a find-your-own make-it-up as you go along sort of a walk from Cuber reservoir to Lluc monastery. A fine and quite long day.

Puig Teix, Mallorca (January, 2005)
A last day walk on our all-too-brief long weekend to Mallorca. God I was going to miss the roast goat and the for Rob's company.....