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Low Mill - Farndale (May, 2008)
We went in search of Daffs, though didn't find any, but who cares, we can handle disappointment. Anyway, a most enjoyable outing, sunny, birds singing, and bacon and egg sandwiches.

the satanic traverses (May, 2008)
A weekend spent in the fires of hell - or if you will a rather hot Borrowdale. Matt and I head out for wild-camps in the hills and slowly melt...

minor differences in navigation (June, 2008)
I will let Roberto add the commentary - such as it will be...

pyrenees 2008 (July, 2008)
The time for the penance of having to walk with my brother for a few days arrives again.....luckily the event takes place in the stupendous terrain of the Pyrenees .....