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Blencathra (August, 2008)
Neither Larry nor I had been out walking for a while and we feared most of the obvious spots would be busy so we opted for what we hoped would be a quieter way up Blencathra from near the Blencathra Centre and coming back down the back to the west.

great gable winter wildcamp (November, 2008)

Dale Head (January, 2009)
First walk of the new year. It was a cold and somewhat misty walk, but very refreshing after all of the Christmas festivities. However, despite the forecast, there was little or no sun in evidence.

Glencoyne Head (March, 2009)
It was an unseasonly nice day, warm and windless that saw Larry, Karen, Ed and Rob strolling up to Glencoyne Head and back again.

By the way, for you casual visitors who might not know, this is Ed's head of course.