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Grasmoor & Whiteless Pike (February, 2005)
This was the first of two walks up onto Grasmoor. This one, with Larry and me, went up Lad Hows onto Grasmoor and then came back down Whiteless Pike.

Grasmoor & Whiteside (February, 2005)
The twin walk to the one two weeks ago - another visit to Grasmoor but this time going straight up the nose and then looping northward to come back over Whiteside.

Hartsop Dodd (February, 2005)
This was the best winter walk. Larry and I went up Hartsop Dodd and along Caudale Moor then over to Threshthwaite beacon and back along to Gray Crag and down.
It was virgin powder snow all the way, we saw not one other step in the glorious snow, it was wind, snow, sun and crampons. Oh and laughs and pleaure.

Hartsop, Caudale Moor to High Street (March, 2005)
The week before had been fabulous up Hartsop Dodd in the snow so the chances of a snowy variant, up the more westerly Rough Edge onto Caudale Moor and then down the further High Street ridge rather than Gray Crag, being as good seemed slim. How wrong I was. It turned into a bit of an epic at the end - whiteout and snow - but it was superb, as hopefully the photos might hint at.