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Fairfield (March, 2005)
Ed and Larry

Puig Tomir, Mallorca (March, 2005)
A first day walk into snow patches on a fairly grey day - post a rather last-minute arrival at Lluc Monastery the night before (and no beer :-(

Langstrath Valley (March, 2005)
A walk that Pippa and I did, slow and easy for my new condition of idle bastard.

Seatoller Grange (March, 2005)
This was a delightful walk that Larry and I did starting at Seatoller and walking along the Cumbrian Way, also called the Allerdale Way, along to Grange. At Grange we had a relaxing hot chocolate and cake and then we strolled back. We're not talking mountain walking here, we're talking lazy cardigan ambling.