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date of walk:February, 2006
duration:5 hrs 13 mins
distance:9.14 miles (14.71 km)
ascent:3,248 ft (990 m)

link cove and st sundays 

We had a brisk start as Larry smelt like a tart's bathroom and we needed the air to clear away the aroma (he is getting very 'new age' in his old age).

I blame his essential oils for me feeling and later, being sick.



We are heading up towards Greenhow End (large central lump) via a sopping wet Deepdale; various crags to left and right...

Acsent is to the right (mostly) of second waterfall from the left, then a swing right to head up for the faint col on Greenhow End. 

getting bigger 

Greenhow End really did dominate the scene - somewhat oppressively. Smattering of snow on Fairfield and Cofa Pike behind.

You can see the ascent line (see previous comment) more clearly here. 

Larry being erratic 

In fact we both were, weaving amongst drumlins in a fantastically complex area covered in glacial erratics. We had jumped over several rivers to get here and were following a series of 'paths'.

I should note that walking poles do have their uses. 

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