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the band and lambfoot dub

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date of walk:February, 2006
duration:4 hrs 52 mins
distance:7.77 miles (12.5 km)
ascent:2,844 ft (867 m)

whence we wandered 


Slow learner! 

Only had the platy for 2 years now. This is the second time is almost as many weeks he has made a damp start to the walk.

And he had the cheek to make fun of me in Mallorca the first time i used mine. 

grains gill 

Larry clippety clops upwards in a southerly direction smiling happily. I am despondent, spirits dampened; no doubt Larry will let you know why.... 


Whooooo, this is the closest I have ever been to a helichopper, the downdraft is quite cool....laudable footpath repairs being carried out. 

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