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GR20 Stage 11: Bergeries U Vallone to Haut Asco

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date of walk:June, 2007
duration:5 hrs 0 mins
distance:7.46 miles (12 km)
ascent:3,937 ft (1,200 m)

the trembly wembley cirque de la solitude 

A steepish start to the day that kept going with a climb of about 850m to the Bocca. From here we dropped down into the infamous Cirque de la Solitude, ascended the other side and then dropped down the valley to Asco, a real bed, and FOOD. 

not as flat as it looked 


upwards and onwards 

It that T I double G R? No merely Richard springing up the mountainside as we stay ahead of a guided party we have passed.

By now a fit us climbs pretty rapidly up the 800m to the bocca that precedes the drop into the Cirque de la Solitude. This place has a big reputation for difficulty and danger; if you have some scrambling experience it is in all honesty a walk in the park. 

at the bocca 

A quick rest here before we dropped down into the shattered landscape that was the approach to the first set of chained slabs on the way into the cirque. 

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