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GR20 Stage 13: Refuge de Carozzu to Refuge d'Orto di u Piobbu

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date of walk:July, 2007

to pounta ghialla and beyond 

The valley was a nice warm up before a climb onto a ridge that defined the eastern edge of a cirque facing west. Very rugged with needle-like peaks to all horizons. 




You don't want to know. It was not good. Dry, indigestible, dull (and this just the breakfast conversation); food, perhaps - yet not as we know it. Not a culinary high point.

The beer was NOT ours. 

col d'avartoli 

We have passed Fred et al by this point I think. The going is quite rugged (overused word this). We wind our way along the crest, changing sides, dropping then climbing back up - all in all a pretty intricate and tiring section.

Quite how Richard gets his foot into that position I know not? 

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