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Pillar Day Two

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date of walk:April, 2005
duration:3 hrs 42 mins
distance:6.00 miles (9.65 km)
ascent:2,100 ft (640 m)

More Rout 

Leaning heavily on the excuse of the weather forecast and a lucky squall at decision time, our not-so-hardy trio mince up the Ennerdale valley and over Hay Stacks on the return leg of a two-day trip. 


Nigel lurks in the shadows wondering why he has a headache as Sal contemplates the torrents of rain and the idea of an afternoon swinging around in the trees. 


The Ennerdale valley is a tad damp after a night of incessant rain, however, things brighten up considerably later (especially me when we opt not to go up Red Pike) and it turns out to be a fine amble back to the car. 

Pillar Rock 

We get a better view than yesterday of Pillar Rock - not looking quite so forbidding without the mist swirling around us. There still appears to be a light smattering of snow on what might be Robinson's Cairn buttress. 

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