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Pillar Day Two

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Green Cove 

More sun....what is happening? The start of the High Level Traverse breaks out from a small buttress above Green Cove.....the day before I had to stop Larry and Nigel from going up Kirk Fell....although I feel certain Larry will not remember it like that...and quite rightly too....

Just a test! 

The Wrong Trousers 

Also the wrong hat, gloves, and cag; Nigel's quaint figure at Scarth Gap. 

Ascending Hay Stacks 

Our two hero's are making quite a meal of this simple slab; poles? It will be pegs next! The flooded fields below at Warnscale Bottom attest to the volume of overnight precipitation. 

The Expedition Leader 

Our once handsome guide's haggard visage and red-rimmed eyes reveal the demands of carrying heavy responsibility and caring for his elderly clients.....One can only gaze reverently at the steely resolve in the eyes that cannot quite cloak the indomitable spirit of such an experienced yet humbly modest man of the mountains.

and I can recall using the poles lent to me by NIGEL for the torrent crossing...very close to the end of the walk; generally a point where a guide tend's to relax a little....hoping his clients have at least garnered the basics of mountain craft.... 

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