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on the edge, nethermost pike

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date of walk:April, 2005
duration:4 hrs 42 mins
distance:8.34 miles (13.42 km)
ascent:3,251 ft (991 m)

Admixture; a study in popular walking routes 

We saw nobody on the way up, a few people on Helvellyn, and a couple more on Catstye Cam; but we could see Striding Edge for a good part of the day and it looked like a good place to have a StarBucks franchise....such were the multitudes. 


A somewhat dark and potentially wet Grisedale was revealed to us as we crossed Grisedale Beck and commenced along a minor path running up towards Eagle Crag. 

Eagle Crag 

The potential was realised and a fine light rain accompanied us towards the crags...a scramble had been foreseen, however, truth be told the idea of slipping around up there was hardly compelling... 

the mine 

Just below Eagle Crag the mine spoils run down into the valley. It is raining now; Larry is togged up but I (yes I went too not that you will ever know) am still in an increasingly damp soft-shell. 

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