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A walk in the vicinity of Psilorites

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date of walk:May, 2005
duration:6 hrs 30 mins
distance:8.00 miles (12.87 km)
ascent:4,500 ft (1,372 m)

Harms Verlag 1:100000 map of NW of Crete 

Clicking on the map reveals some of the problems of walking in Greece! The track from the GPS is shown in blue. Started from the Taverna. The n/s readings are not bad but e/w is about 1.5 miles out (gps shows track to east of reality) At the hotel 50 miles away the gps shows track about 1.5 miles to the west and also sig n/s errors.

I actually walked fron Analipsi to Voudremenous, just short of Psilorites. 

Looking back to the starting point 

You can see the road cutting across the hills in the background. The car is parked at the building. The path leaves the track just after the first hairpin. 

Looking further up the track 

Taken from same point as previous shot, looking further round and up.

Note the E4 sign nestling in the tree on the left.

The path countours round and up into a gulley that climbs up to about 1800m and comes out at a saddle overlooking an alpine meadow. 

Top of gulley 

Due to all the harassment i have missed out a couple of shots of the gulley. I will add them to the end if i can.

You leave the gulley, climbing over the snow ridge and then trend right. 

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