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Farnes Race

date of walk:June, 2005
duration:20 hrs 0 mins
distance:80.00 miles (128.72 km)

Over run by pirates? 

Ed standing a night watch. About 10pm, been racing about 1 hour.

Talk about muffled up against the cold - you could not usually see more than about 2 sq cm of his flesh... And he whinged on about being cold- both on watch and in bed. 

A hard night's sailing 

A couple of hours later.

Ed catching a few zzs whilst Nigel and I race the boat. He did not even flicker when the flash went off.

These youngsters have no stamina! 

Coquet Light 

A view of Coquet Light and Island, taken on the way back.

Not a very inspirational photo, but gives an idea of the conditions during the day.