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date of walk:September, 2005
duration:5 hrs 9 mins
distance:10.32 miles (16.6 km)
ascent:3,609 ft (1,100 m)

La Route 

We took a taxi (Larry had not been in one before, I had to calm him with barley-sugar) up to Mungrisedale and walked back to Spooney Spacecraft Lane in fact :-) 

Bannerdale and Sharp Edge from Souther Fell 

We got up here via a bracken thrash during which I carefully let Larry lead - ensuring he absorbed most of the moisture from said foliage.

Suprisingly I have no friends. 

North-east ridge of Bannerdale 

The sun made Bannerdale look almost attractive. Larry reminded me that our groups first 'digital' record stemmed from a trip theron. 

Scales Beck 

Quiet for the time of year? I stole ahead, looked back, and aghast Larry had blended in to a veritable sea of SAGAesque happy pensioners....the horror 

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