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Towards Thirlmere 

We ate our lunch (organic ha....sigh; Larry had a paddy about his doctored snack) at this juncture; thankfully getting out of the wind. 

A friend in need... a friend indeed...

I stop for first aid and Larry buggers off ;-)

He does look quite heroic silhouetted against the skyline. 


Into severe pain for me. Several day's hobbling....go on, knock yourselves out (spare the piety)....

Larry does look rather statuesque I fear....sad that I should be currying favour in anticipation of the onslaught.... 

Lonscale Crags 

Or at least the path that contours around them on our way down to Spooney Goat Lane and the finish...Larry will need to help me out here with the name (pretty please?)... 

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